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10 Iconic Songs to Start your Kpop Playlist

Hey guys! Guess who’s managed to write and post 2 blog posts this month? I know! I’m pretty amazed with myself as well. This one is going to be really fun too, as I have listed 10 Kpop songs that every Kpop fan should know. Each one is iconic. Each one has made an impact

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My Top 10(ish) Favorite Kpop Girl Groups of All Time (as of June 2019)

What’s up guys? Guess who’s back with another blog post? That’s right. ME! I hope you are all ready, because today I’ll be counting down my top 10(ish) favorite female Kpop groups of all time (as of June 2019). Before you check this list out, remember that this is totally my opinion. If one of

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Let’s Review: Yoona’s “Summer Night”

Hey guys! Are you all ready for another Kpop review post? I’m sure you are! Today, I’m actually very excited myself. My SONE heart is quaking as Yoona has released her special album “A Walk to Remember”. To celebrate, I thought that it would be fun to check out her latest release “Summer Night” which

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